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  • Mask making machine

    The mask machine is mainly used to make a variety of filer masks by hot pressing, folding, ultrasonic welding, scrap cutting, ear loop and nose clip welding for multi layers of non woven fabric. It’s not a single machine, it requires to work with multiple machines to complete the whole production processing. Lihan is a mature expert in mass producing of mask machines such as: Medical mask machine, Folding mask machine, Cup mask machine, Children mask machine, Sponge mask machine, Cartoon mask machine, Willow type mask machine, 3M mask machine, N95 mask machine, Fish type mask machine, Duckbill type mask machine, PM2.5 mask machine, Dust mask machine, 3D mask machine, Butterfly type mask machine, Gauze mask machine, Anti-fog mask machine, etc. Welcome for consulting.

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  • Ultrasonic non woven products making machine

    This is an ultrasonic welding machine that especially designed for making a variety of non woven products, it’s wireless welding, pin free and no need to paste with glue, non woven fabrics can be cut, welded then pressing the lines by its ultrasonic technology, which is high efficient, nice effect, no flashing and no burrs. Lihan covers a wide range of non woven products machine such as: Air cushion machine, Nursing pad machine, Band-aid laminating machine, Medical mattress / bed sheet machine, Hand / foot mask machine, Facial mask machine, Gloves / sleeve / foot cover / bouffant cap/ nurse cap machine, Shoe cover making machine, Surgical gown machine, Diaper laminating / punch machine, Filter forming machine, Seminal tube machine, Spray rewinding machine, Steam eye mask machine, Urine bag forming machine, Cap / Chef hat machine, Dust bag machine, Beach pants machine, Medical ice bag machine, etc. Machine can be customized.

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  • Ultrasonic quilting laminating & embossing machine

    The high frequency vibration waves transmit to the surface of 2 or more materials which need to be welded, the material surface is rubbed against each other to form a fusion between the molecular layers under pressure, thus a special pattern can be made by welding fabric and fabric, fabric and chemical fiber, plastic film and plastic film, fabric and polyester wadding, non woven fabric, sponge, etc. We covers a wide range of ultrasonic quilting machine such as: Electric blankets dotting & laminating machine, Quilting machine, Filter material laminating & slitting machine, Laminating & embossing & slitting machine, Cushion spot welding / doting machine, Car cover / sofa cover / pillow case sewing machine, Reflective material / non-woven fabric machine, Leather bronzing machine, Insole / Toilet mat machine, Car carpet laminating & embossing machine, Ultrasonic welding rewinding machine, Bra lace / punching / welding machine, etc. Welcome for consulting!

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  • Ultrasonic cutting & slitting machine

    The ultrasonic cutting & slitting machine is mainly used for the cutting and slitting of materials such as webbing and trademark belts, including polyester, nylon, cotton, artificial fabric and natural rubber. This machine works on the principle of the thermal energy that caused by ultrasonic frictional vibration, the mould or knife touches the ultrasonic vibration area surface under the pressure of the cylinder to get the effect of cutting or perforating. Until now, Lihan has mass produced lots of ultrasonic cutting & slitting machine such as: Dust-free cloth slitting machine, Gauze slitting machine, Tape slitting machine, Cleaning cloth slitting machine, Towel slitting machine, Mop cloth slitting machine, Cold knife slitting machine, Laminating & slitting & cutting machine, Cloth slitting cutting machine, Glasses cloth slitting cutting machine, Table cloth forming machine, Dust free cloth slitting rewinding machine, Laminating slitting machine, Carpet slitting machine, Laminating & slitting & horizontal cutting machine, Trademark slitting machine, Hot and cold knife slitting machine, Reflective tape slitting machine, Satin slitting machine, Magic tape slitting machine, Banding machine, Cloth slitting rewinding machine, Ribbon slitting rewinding machine, etc. We also support machine customization.

  • Ultrasonic non woven bag/ shoe cover making machine

    “Hongda” ultrasonic non woven bag making machine is a new product that designed by Lihan to improve the environment. The bags are made according to its advance ultrasonic technology, it’s not only an improvement in design, but also a technological innovation for traditional processing. This machine is multifunctional, high efficient and stable-running, it can be widely used in non woven bags manufacturing such as: Gift bag, 3D bag, carry bag, u-cut bag, d-cut bag, etc. It now becomes a model among the new fully automatic non woven bag making machine industry and enjoys high reputation at home and abroad! Moreover, it meets with CE standard.

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  • Ultrasonic welding machine

    This machine adopts Japanese (IKO) precision cross lead rail and German (FESTO) operating components and control system, its imported transducer is powerful and the titanium alloy modulator is strong and durable, meanwhile, its square column and steel frame are steady during high pressure and fast operation. This machine is digital intelligent system controlled, touch screen inputting, management password protected, it can store multiple sets of welding parameters. There are 6 welding modes, 3 triggering modes for choice, it’s equipped with automatic frequency scanning and tracking locking system which ensures a stable and high precision welding. The machine also adopts the latest overload protecting system to ensure a safe operation. There’s a magnetic scale position measuring device and pressure sensor inside the machine, which is controlled by stepless amplitude of vibration, so the welded products will not be burned or tack welded. Advantages: High efficient, welding time is 0.01-9.99 secs. Strong tension and high pressure durable, high quality, water and air tight, can be pressure-tight welded, economical, screw and glue free.

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  • Non standard ultrasonic machine

    Lihan ultrasonic has always been the benchmark of China’s ultrasonic industry for its high performance ultrasonic technology. A bottleneck problem in the core technology among the ultrasonic industry-vibration system and welding head, has been idealized solved by Lihan, which our peers still can not imitate or copy. The non standard ultrasonic machines that provided by us are fully meet with European and American quality, they enjoy high reputation for it’s high quality,reasonable price, fast delivery, perfect after sales service.